Monday, February 27, 2012

A Special Dress for Payton

From this.....

... to this.
The lace overlay on the dress skirt is from Payton's Mother's wedding gown.

The bodice lace is from Payton's Grandmother's wedding gown.

Closeup of sleeve.

For those of you who may wonder why we would cut up a wedding dress......
The bottom edge of dress was soiled from the outdoor wedding on a rainy summer evening. I used only the part of the dress from the knee area down to the soiled area for Payton's dress. The wedding dress will be hemmed to above the knee and can be worn as a party dress.
And yes.. it still fits the bride mother!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Quick Purse

I made a quick bag for myself one afternoon last week.
This pre-quilted fabric came from Wal*Mart almost 2 years ago!
One side of the fabric is a floral print and the
other side is a multi-color polka dot.

The handles are gross-grain ribbon, 'cause that's what I had on hand.
I want to find some hot-pink webbing to use for handles.